The Hudson Theater Lights

The Hudson Theater Lights

Many of you may not know that the building which houses Bijou Galleries, Ltd. was once a movie theater (and later a dance studio and art space). Before it was the Bijou Theater, it was the Hudson Theater. In anticipation of the Hudson Theater’s Centennial Celebration, we renovated and refurbished the original theater lights that […]

Art featured in the window of the Bijou

To celebrate an early spring (or late winter), the Bijou is featuring floral paintings found in our extensive collection. Come visit and see the varied arts (prints, paintings, sculptures, etc) available for sale at the Bijou!

Happy New Year!

The Bijou Galleries, staff, and management wish you and yours a Happy New Year! May 2016 be full of wonderful antiques and collectibles!

Happy Holidays from the Bijou!

I multicolored Holiday extravaganza showcasing a dollhouse and various Holiday paraphernalia to help brighten your Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bijou!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Bijou!

Simple festive fabrics and the perennial Thanksgiving turkey platters say Gobble Gobble Gobble! The Bijou Galleries would also like to alert you to the French origins of the Thanksgiving holiday, lovingly described by Art Buchwald as le Jour de Merci Donnant [excerpted here]: Le Jour de Merci Donnant was first started by a group of Pilgrims ( Pelerins […]

Bijou Galleries 20th Anniversary Window

Thank you to all who attended the Bijou Galleries 20th anniversary gala. There were refreshments from Marbled, an antique DJ, and brand new Bijou Galleries trucker hats! In addition, a new 20th Anniversary window celebrates the varied windows that have graced the Bijou over the years.

A Nautical Theme

A Nautical Theme

Mid-summer’s Nautical Themed Window. Perhaps this will cool you off!  

A New Red Door for Independence Day

The Bijou has a freshly painted red door in celebration of summer and Independence Day! Flags and blue & red colored glass help celebrate the 4th of July on Main Street. According to, he annual parade and fireworks are scheduled to proceed this year despite fears of cancellation due to budget cuts. Please visit […]

Which came first? The chicken or the egg?

The late Spring window features chickens, eggs, and a few surprises. It is poultry season at the Bijou.