The Hudson Theater Lights

The Hudson Theater Lights

Many of you may not know that the building which houses Bijou Galleries, Ltd. was once a movie theater (and later a dance studio and art space). Before it was the Bijou Theater, it was the Hudson Theater.

In anticipation of the Hudson Theater’s Centennial Celebration, we renovated and refurbished the original theater lights that once graced these theater walls.

We are calling on anyone with memories of the Hudson Theater, the Bijou Theater, the dance studio, or even the Oyster Saloon that once occupied this site to share those stories, photographs, or items of interest.

What was it like to have a 250 seat theater on Main Street in Cold Spring, NY? Were there parking problems? Did most people walk to the Hudson Theater? Did people take the train to the Hudson Theater? We have old maps, movie posters, tickets, and, of course, our marvelous lights that we can show you to jog your memory.

Come share your memories here at Bijou Galleries, Ltd, which which will be celebrating the centennial and currently occupies the theater location.